Post 'n Ship: It's that simple!
This is the finalized version of a 30 second advertising spot conceived and produced by Mario Henri Chakkour for Post 'N Ship. The soundtrack was composed, performed and produced by Mario Henri Chakkour at Churchman Way Studios. Drum samples by Michael Botts, courtesy of ILIO's Double Platinum Drums.
"So you want to be an Animator!"
In 1995, Mario Henri Chakkour created this commercial spot for a cel animation software called "The Animation Stand." It ended up on the companion CD-ROM for "Painting with Computers" and later on the company's web site front page. All keyframing and rotoscoping was hand drawn, and no special effects were used. He also produced and performed the soundtrack using a mix of 4-track analog and digital tools (SoundEdit and Deck). By today's standards, the image and sound quality is atrocious. Still, back then, monitors were CRT and the predominant target resolution was 640x480, and mp3 compression was not yet available.
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