For the cover shot of "Perspective," I created a trompe-l'oeil, shown below from 2 different angles. To achieve this illusion, I first wrote the word "Perspective" on a transparent sheet of acetate and then taped it to a video screen. Next, I set up the camera and the paper composition and proceeded to draw every letter to match what I was seeing on the video screen.
Perspective in the Wild
This short movie shows never before seen footage of the ever-so-elusive Perspective "captured" it its wild state!
The Cone of Vision
In order to grasp how foreshortening — the driving force behind Perspective — works, we must learn about the Cone of Vision.
The Illusion Revealed

In the movie "Perspective in the Wild!" we drew the image of a cube in perspective on a transparent sheet of glass. Then, in the movie "The Cone of Vision," we learned how an optical triangle determines the relative size of an object we look at. Therefore, in this movie, we will deconstruct this illusion we call perspective and see who this optical system actually works. In other words, what happens when Cone of Vision meets the Picture Plane?
Perspective in Action!
This short movie demonstrates to what extent perspective plays a critical role in visual expression. In fact, there is practically no escaping it!
The illustration below shows how really distorted the world appears to us.
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