Fluke and Duke ® Vs. II Prototype
After a few (gazillion) brainstorming sessions...
GUI development. Fleshing out the scale, "old school!"
Then, we bring on Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, After Effects, and a large pepperoni pizza!
All the lessons learned from the Version II prototype helped us shape Version 1's interactive student workbook.
Here's Version 1's main GUI
(Office of the Committee Management Secretariat at the General Services Administration)
Before this project, I had no idea what advisory committees were all about. Initially, the title of this project was "GET INVOLVED!" which made sense when you learn that advisory committees are comprised of individuals from the private sector who render advice to the executive office. However, when I found out that the aim of the project was to send a subtle reminder to governmental agencies that they were required by law to "Get the Public Involved!" I quickly suggested a change in the title. Next, I met with the directors and absorbed as much information as I can with regard to plethora of documented ways of empowering agency official s to get the public involved in the process of Government. From the large volume of Data I studied, I identified 5. After all, we had only a few minutes to 'sell' our point and entice the viewer to click on the web links for further research. From there, I began sculpting the script. Parallel to that, I began working on GUI concepts, voice-overs, animation and musical score. Once all the parts were created, they were sent to the development team for programming in Director.
SQA CD-ROM (1994)
This was my first "major" GUI assignment. All created, from scratch, using Fractal Design Painter. (As it was called back in the late 20th Century!) It was featured in a few publications since, which is a great thing since I no longer have any way of retrieving the original files (which reside on Syquest disks)!
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